Technical Support Service

Suilvision provide a full range of Technical Support services. Our Technical Support Team is based at our Heywood Head Office and provide first line telephone and remote diagnostics support. 

Suilvision follows an agile hardware & software development process so that we can react to important issues and feature requests relatively quickly. Agile processes traditionally lend themselves to frequent hardware changes & Software releases, which are conducive to subscription based support models. 

Suilvision have devised support packages so that our customers can choose to enjoy the benefits of the stability of proven system applications.

A formal support & maintenance provision ensures that Suilvision can support its customers over extended periods of time as the breadth of customers, each with their own support requirements, continues to grow.

1)   Basic manufacturers warranty

With every ANPR System purchased there is a level of inclusive hardware & software maintenance and support, this is typically 12 months. Extended equipment maintenance is not available as standard, but is recommended, please contact us to discuss your needs.

2)   Extended warranty

Following the initial 12 months manufacturers warranty the customer can take out extended warranty which will provide cover for all the Hardware parts and software upgrades. The extended warranty is usually based on an annual period, however longer periods are available.

3)   Software support & Maintenance

Each ANPR System contains software licenses which are not time limited and the licenses can be used in perpetuity however they are provided on a major-version restricted basis.
Customers wishing to upgrade their existing licenses to the next version will be able to do so at a cost.
Customers are also at liberty to buy a new license for the latest released major version when it becomes available.
At any time, purchasing the latest available license guarantees between 12 and 24 months of included maintenance depending on the time of purchase in the version’s life cycle.

4)   Support only

Suilvision also offers additional support in the form of an ANPR Support Package. The ANPR Support Package is intended to be a 1st line support being provided by our dedicated team. The ANPR Support Package also includes access to additional services and with improved response times to help support larger customers. Parts and software upgrades are an additional cost with this package.