About Suilvision


suilvision is a company

which Develop, manufacture and supply innovative products to the Security, Traffic and Parking Markets.
With over 30 years experience in the Security and Traffic marketplaces the team at Suilvision are familiar with the requirements of most customers and are able to provide a top class solution.
The Traffic range of products are based around Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and associated equipment providing the end user a full turnkey solution.
From hardware to software, our High Definition ANPR combines, performance, quality, unique technology and usability all matched with competitive pricing. Suilvisions' aim is to make all our installations a stress-free environment; by concentrating on system design and functionality Suilvision have developed pioneering solutions. Whether you require a system to monitor vehicle access and control movement in and out of private land, or monitoring complex multi-lane, national highways…...Suilvision have the solution at the right price with the right support.

The Company is focused on quality of product and service with the emphasis on partnering with customers to provide the best solution possible.